!!! I am godzilla, you are Japan!!! (tehschkott) wrote in linux,
!!! I am godzilla, you are Japan!!!

!!! LINUXFEST 2004 !!!

If you're in the Seattle area, it's happening THIS SATURDAY in Bellingham. Last year there were about 1200 participants apparently. They're expecting more than that this year as I understand it. I'm newer to linux so will definately be attending. Seems like a good idea and like alot of fun.


I think I'm driving up but have a big pimp classic car thats a blast to ride but eats some mad gas... so if I find a ride, I might take it. Failing that I'll take Alice (1975 Oldsmobile Regal Ninety Eight in great shape) up to Bellingham. Now, I could conceivably take a few people from Seattle with me as long as they'd be alright with kicking in some gas money... It is a dope ride, i swear it. =)

Theres a free charter bus leaving from the North Seattle Community College sponsored by Pogo Linux - I guess they give you coffee and donuts and t-shirts on the way up and so on. The link to it is on the site, but heres the direct link. You must sign up for it ahead of time.

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