The Cynic (discordian) wrote in linux,
The Cynic

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Feeling Stupid - 101

I get to work. Remember than I need to grab a file from my machine at home. No problem. I'll just FTP in and grab it. Eh... no. Won't let me. WTF, I exclaim, and proceed to SSH. The minute my password is accepted, SSH kicks me out. On the off chance that I left VNC running, I try to VNC in. Works like a charm. So I start looking at my FTP and SSH config files, user permissions, bloody everything. Create a dummy account, try to SSH in, and right in I go. Finally, I tried to SU from the dummy account into mine - which is when it gave me a useful error message. "Your account has expired", it tells me. Sure enough, had my main login into the box set to expire every 30 days. Boy, is my face red as I'm typing this.
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