Randy J. Ray (rjray) wrote in linux,
Randy J. Ray

Persistent X Freezing (NVidia Geforce Ti 4200)

I'm at the limits of my frustration. I built a fairly high-powered system about 10 months ago (about tax return time, if you think about it...), including a 2.4GHz P4 and a PNY-branded NVidia GeForce Ti 4200 video card with 128M video memory.

First frustration: I've never been able to function with the nvidia driver. If I start X with that driver, it does run noticably faster and crisper than the nv driver. Right up until it locks, which is usually 5-10 minutes, sometimes as soon as 30 seconds. I've faithfully downloaded every NVidia Linux update from freshmeat, none have helped. When it locks, it is only the X server process that locks. I can ssh in from another machine on my home network, kill X, and regain control of my machine. This isn't a problem using the nv driver.

Second frustration: Now the nv driver is locking up on me, too. At one point, I'd had 3 lock-ups inside of 15 minutes.

Third, side frustration: I know the card has 128M. But the BIOS insists that it has 64M at boot-up. I had edited the XF86Config to specify 128M, but I even tried switching it back to 64, thinking that maybe I got a 64M card by mistake, and the problems stemmed from attempts to address non-existent memory. Hey, it might have explained why the super-tuned nvidia driver always hung, but the nv one only started to recently. No dice, no difference in behavior.

So, is this something I may have mis-configured (I've done next to no customization of the card settings, accepting what the X setup utility chose when installing Red Hat)? Is this a sign of a faulty card? Are there MoBo/video issues I should be aware of?

Right now, I'm expecting to buy a new card this weekend.
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