Grim's Fairy Tales (grim_thing) wrote in linux,
Grim's Fairy Tales

Debian Kernel Question

I recently joined the enlightened and switched to Debian. I downloaded a minimal iso and opted for the network install.

I'm having trouble getting the system to recognize usual stuff like cd-writer, usb-storage etc. So I decided to upgrade the kernel and compile in what I wanted.

I downloaded kernel headers and source for 2.4.19. copied it to /usr/src. Ran `make mrproper',`make xconfig', `make dep', `make bzImage' `make modules' and `make modules_install'. Symlinked the image to /boot, updated lilo to the symlink in boot and reran lilo. I even tried copying the image itself to /boot ... nada.

After rebooting, the system hangs. It won't come all the way up. Get's to `klogd' and stops. Did I miss something? Or does Debian handle installing new kernels differently than what I'm used to?
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