Karl (illubrious) wrote in linux,


Wondering if anyone knows of some good logistics software for the managament of logs.
Currently in /var/log I have an authorization log and a few specialized system logs that I have made to custom fit the system.
I am using a really awful perl script running as a cron job to tar a log after a month. I am running into issues with space, as the logs
I have are now really starting to accumulate - this server only has three gigabytes of storage. This being it would be rather handy to grep undeeded non-pertainent mass of my logs. I was thinking about inscructing the machine to ignore certain things, however, I given rule sets far to broad - I do not want to ignore that which is pertainent. This being I thought a perl script that would grep out any redundancy/non-pertainent mass after the thirty day peroid would be much more effective. In my tests I have ended up greping out things to which I would have rather kept, and all together failing. Any more effcient programers amoung us have a solution implemented for such an issue? Thanks in advance.
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