fridgemagnet (fridgemagnet) wrote in linux,

basic internal modem / laptop Qs

afternoon y'all

I have recently purchased a new laptop, in preparation for my move to the US (got to have something to watch DVDs on on the plane, right?) However, as I expected, I'm having a little trouble with the hardware. Mostly the internal modem, which doesn't like me at all. Can anyone give me a hand here?

Basically, I have what's described as an "MDC 56-Kbps internal Fax Modem V.90" in the specs - so I'm pretty sure it's not a winmodem, at least as far as I understand the concept. Win98 identifies it as "HSP56 MR PCTel Inc" model 032. My linux, Mandrake 8.2, seems to ID it as "VIA Tech Inc VT52 C686 (Apollo Super AC97/Modem)".

I did a search for ways to use it, and I found a reference to something called pctel-0.9.4. I just made and installed that. It came up with some warnings about corrupting my kernel... the documentation said it put the modem on /dev/ttyS15, so I symlinked /dev/modem to that and tried, unwisely since the whole machine collapsed and it now says my kernel is bad and I'm reinstalling. So I'm a little wary of that.

Does anyone have any tips on using this driver / finding other drivers / this sort of thing?

Oh, and does anyone know anything I can download to turn the "tap" click function off for the touchpad? It's driving me mad. It's too sensitive, it keeps clicking on things I don't want to click on just because my finger is hovering there.
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