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Just a newb with too many questions here

Hello, I'm new here... obviously. I wouldn't be surprised if this wasn't the right community to post this in, but it's past 5 AM anyway, so just bite my head off if I'm wrong here. There's nothing in the community info to indicate whether help requests are welcome.

I just installed Mandrake 8.2 on my system and have a few questions about it... would very much appreciate answers if anyone would care to give help to the newbiest of newbies. :-)

Alrighty... when I set Mandrake up it came up with a choice of which sort of display I wanted? I may not be using the right word for that, but the choice between Gnome and KDE and so on. I chose Gnome, want to poke around in some of the others to see if I like them, but don't know how to switch. Ergh.

Uhh... knowing how to install things would probably be a big help, since I downloaded what I suppose is a LiveJournal client that my machine looks at really strangely, because it doesn't know how to open .gz files just yet. :-D I don't expect anyone to come out and answer this stuff in detail, but a help-me-I'm-a-newbie page to point to would be nice. :-)

When setting up Gnome it gave me a choice to set up mail service... but I couldn't type in any of the boxes. I was able to get into KMail later on to get the thing working, but a blank account was created at the start and whenever I try to do anything with it it says "Unable to locate account." It's really annoying, because whenever I try to get it to check mail it screams at me (dialog box with that big ugly red X).

Some (perhaps) non-software related things I'm bothered about... the Mandrake install imcorrectly detected my Sound Blaster as Ensoniq (thus I have no sound) and my Hauppage (or however that's spelled) TV card as some other brand... I haven't tested this, but I assume it means I don't have a TV card, either. It gave me no options whatsoever to change these, so how can I? Call me a bells-and-whistles Windows user (at least I still have XP while I'm fumbling through this), but I at least want to be able to play my CDs. :-)

My mouse scroll button won't work, but I think I read something about some features of this mouse needing Windows to work?

The CD player also won't even try to play things unless they're in my DVD drive, despite the fact that I've got a DVD and CD-RW... but that's just inconvenient, not a big deal just now.

Sorry for asking quite so much (and I know it's probably all really simple stuff to people with more experience), but I guess since I'm a LiveJournal addict this is the first place I thought to turn to. I'm applauding myself for at least doing the easy part of getting online with Linux (am posting this through it now, rather than my XP partition). Ennyhoo. Enough rambling. Thanks in advance for any help you can give the poor confused girl who feels like an idjit. :-D
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