<confidential> (confidential) wrote in linux,

netatalk on woody

OK, so i have a debian (3.0) machine on my network acting as a music box and I have samba working fine, but I wanted to install netatalk so I could use it with my Mac. Simple, right? apt-get install netatalk works fine and installs and starts netatalk, and I can access my home directories with it, but when i try to find the AppleVolumes.default/system files to make it so I can mount the musicbox (/home/mp3/) and it's not in /usr/local/atalk/etc as it should be. debian went and put things in wonky locations. I tried "find / AppleVolumes*" and "find / AppleVolumes.default" and there is just no love for me today -_-. Anyone know how to configure netatalk on woody?
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