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Friday, October 26th, 2012

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X11 gui programming - suggestions please

I am working on a hobbyist project to generate a coded text file based on
user input.
I am using C++, and MVC design pattern(s). Have decided it will be licensed GPL v3.
For the GUI (view the user will interact with) I am researching gtk,
curses, and such, but never have used any of them before on a project.
Hoping my fellow Linux grp LJers might have ideas/suggestions based on your
experience doing GUI programming.
I dont' think I will need to draw graphics or images. At this stage I
expect my GUI would just need to view/display/intake keyboard text.

Btw, I asked my SGVLUGers, and Debian LJers, have the following as suggestions so far (in no particular order):

gtk + glade

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