May 31st, 2011

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how to converse properly!!!

People no longer how to converse in a proper manner. I am so utterly fucking tired of trying to talk to you people...

Every time I share a story or express how a situation caused me to feel, you all automatically bring up something from your own experiences with no regard for the possibility that I might want to go further into it...

This applies to almost everyone I know. I think it would be healthy if everyone practiced this conversational format with everyone. It will be far more rewarding for both parties involved.

Essentially... The way real conversations work is there is supposed to be that one party expresses an experience they had.

The other party (if interested) expresses interest and asks to hear more about it. THEN (if appropriate!) the listening party inquires as to how the speaking party feels about this. Things such as what they felt during this time. It is also fairly common to inquire as to what kind of impact this has had on other situations in life.

When the listening party feels as though the speaker has expressed enough to seem complete, the listener can then relate to their story with their own experience.

THIS is how a CONVERSATION works.

Thank you. :D

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