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Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011

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About Tux and Admin. Some support needed!

Here is a picture, that i made from plasticine.
There is a shaman drum on the wall, necessary atribute of ukrainian and russian admins. They use it when system is broken, and standard methods for repair is't working. Also it frequently applies, when you need to set up some drivers on Linux :)
Abot cat: it is cat! But something strange stands near it. Our admins love cats!
Tux with Admin are celebrating birthday of some local hoster: they drinking champagne from mugs and eating sausage with cake.

That picture was made for challange, if you like it, please support me there: http://hostpro.ua/konkurs/work.html?user=125
Just click twitter or facebook icon, login by widget and push orange button under image (it appears after login).

I will be glad to hear something special about Linux admins in your country!

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