January 31st, 2011

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Y'know, after more than a week of pondering, I'm still perplexed by appStream and its possible effects.

"Developers from RedHat, Fedora, Debian, Ubuntu, openSUSE, Mandriva and Mageia got together last week at the SUSE office in Nürnberg to discuss how they might implement a universal application installer they are referring to as an Application Store. "

Sure I've got thoughts on the matter, but I haven't really been able to form an opinion either way as of yet. I'm interested in others perceptions, especially of those who were around the first time the concept was presented ?

(note: there's also a video of the meeting on youtube)
//Update: from a (poorly, poorly written!) article:

"Hopefully, if Canonical agrees to drop the CLA [contributor license agreement] from the Ubuntu Software Center, then we can just make a few changes and all use that," says Hughes. "If they refuse to drop the CLA, then it's impossible to ship in GNOME, and we'll have to write our own front end client. That would put the project back 18 months or so, I would estimate, and be a real waste of everyone's time," .

-Richard Hughes, a developer at the meeting who works for Red Hat
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