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Sunday, December 21st, 2008

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hi, i recently bought two bottles of ketchup and two jugs of milk, this was a waste and i hate waste as there are people staving in the world and it wrecks my budgets, this mistake gave me an idea after i refined it ia little i came up with something like this, a database with three/four lists/componants one with what i have in the cupboard,
a list for stuff you can make with that searches the internet for recipies with your dietry requirements (i am vegetarian and my friend is lactose intolerant so need the search to look)

id like it catagrised by time to make and prepare and the number of people that recipe serves, a third list of things i need to make that stuff i cannot make say if i want scones but am out of flour... this database must use google or the bbc website to find recipe's any way of doing that using open office or a python script?

i dont have an iphone i have an eeepc though oh and id like to be able to add on to this so i can make it talk, a simple voice activated sound player, the program says "mix the eggs with the flour until creamy in texture..." and to get the next but simply say "computer next" or "computer back one" or "computer skip"

anouther further development may be that when it searches for ingreadiants and knows how much you have, through the fact that say a kg bag of flour - one cake using 150g is 950g flour...
automatically generate shopping lists and searches for shops nearby, say tesco is nearer than a shop in hong kong or wherever is near the user (im in edinburgh) but when it searches it costs each item and gives a choice of the cheapest products and offers.

it can work out sellby dates though you would have to tell it this but it would be able to tell you what is nearing its sell by date. so the computer says"the milk is going to go off on the 22.12.09" either when you click on it or when you click a tab that says sell by date next to the product

it must be easy and simple and secure to use for the average user so my grandma and the elderly, can easy use and understand it, as they often suffer from the affects of manageing an often impossible budget due to a pension or people on state benifits living on £45.65 a week and budget for other bills too

it must be able to add and publish to a site family recipes with the option to alter privicy settings, so that you can keep moms top secrete recipe that she was handed down from her mum and her mom got it from hers.... secrete if the user wants

must be able to be easily convertible to other languages and written in a way that means it is multi platform from microsoft to iphone to redhat & linux.... and convertable to different applications, in further builds perhaps. as most users (unfortunatly) use microsoft perhaps written in c+ or some other way yet certainly usable in the same way on linux as microsoft.

what can i say, im a woman, i love shopping.... i like orginisation.
i dont know anything about code though.

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