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Saturday, November 29th, 2008

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TortoiseSVN clone for Nautilus
I don't know if any of you are familiar with TortoiseSVN on Windows, but I have been using SVN for a school project, and since that project requires the use of a Windows development environment, I installed TortoiseSVN in my Windows virtual machine. I don't have a particularly strong preference for GUI vs. command line, I use both regularly. What I don't like, however, is being forced to switch frequently between the two. So if I'm working in GUI mode, I don't really want to have to open a terminal to do an 'svn commit'. You get the idea.

I had not been able to find a good, integrated Subversion client for Nautilus on par with TortoiseSVN outside of some bash scripts that use Nautilus' builtin script menu, which is hardly what you'd call integrated. Today, however, I stumbled across GnubVersion via GnomeFiles, and for the project's relative immaturity, it looks surprisingly complete and functional. I have not done much with it beyond clicking around, as I am currently on Thanksgiving break from school, so my opinion may change, but I hope I have found a good graphical SVN client that is tightly integrated into the desktop environment I use.

Current Mood: hopeful

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