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Thursday, November 27th, 2008

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Resizing/moving boot partition [SOLVED]
OK, this could sound a little newbish, despite having used Linux for several years, but here goes:

I went through a couple of different distros recently, and with a major hardware upgrade to a dual-core machine settled on Kubuntu 8.04. I kept existing hard drives, tweaked and changed some partitions, reinstalled XP etc. This means that I currently have a 45Mb /dev/sda1 partition mounted as /boot. Every once in a while Adept Updater tries to update the kernel; by shifting old and backup kernels to a separate directory on a different partition I have just about managed to keep enough space free to keep pace with this, but (a) it's a hassle and (b) it's not a long-term solution.

The question is, what would people think was the easiest way to move things around or make more space without having to reinstall everything? (And yes, deleting the XP partition would free up a lot of space, but there are some applications that I actually use that won't work under Wine or Virtualbox.)

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Any ideas?

ETA: Thanks for suggestions received. All better now.

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