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Monday, November 24th, 2008

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On this link here http://cmsxperts.com/20081102-370.php you can read about this months DDOS attack on both wordpress and livejournal.  The attack happened around November 2nd.  Is it of concern that two major blogs were hit by a DDOS during the last weeks of a four year election?  To me it says something. . .I am not exactly sure but I have some ideas.  One idea is that someone is testing.   A test is being conducted.   The test is either:
1.  A test to see what effect a major blog being down causes.   Meaning mostly a social test, a prodding to see the reaction.  To see how people react, even if the site is down for the part of a day.  Do people react?  Can they live without their web friends and news sources?
2.  A test of DDOS software. . .meaning someone is actually checking the effectiveness of their DDOS army.   A test to see if in fact their software zombies are effective at shutting down a major website(s).

Both of these scenarios are quite alarming.  From my knowledge of modern computer security, it is not trivial for a group of friends to take down major blogs like livejournal or wordpress.   Even if two friends control a army of a hundred zombie computers, they still couldn't make a dent in the traffic of large blogs like lj or wordpress.  It takes multiple hundreds or thousands of zombie computers to do this. Who has control of thousands of zombie computers?   Well there are a few groups of organized crime, there maybe a few rogue hackers/enterpreneurs, there is a few covert government programs I bet, and besides that. . .. nobody.  No one group has that many computers in their control.   So who killed livejournal/wordpress?   Who took down livejournal?   Why would someone do this?  And maybe most importantly, does anyone care?  Was the FBI notified and did they do anything about it?  

I write this because of last night, several weeks after the last attack,  I tried to get to livejournal.  I couldn't get to livejournal.com.  Again this was on a Sunday.    What is up with the Sunday DDOS attacks?   Are groups of people still using DDOS to kill livejournal?  What do these two sites have in common (wordpress and livejournal)?  Why would anyone do this attack?  Think about the content of both of these sites.  Millions of peoples ideas and concerns that are viewed and exchanged.   These sites have contentious content where people express their thoughts on race, equality, capitalism, and the governments that rule the world.   I have a third idea. . .. and I hope this isn't what is happening.  Is it possible there is a conspiracy here. . .a hidden agenda by a government or group of people (leaders/elites/stakeholders) to lower the voice of dissent on these websites?

Read up on DDOS http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Denial-of-service_attack
Red hat CPU temperature
Does RH offer hardware monitoring software? I'd like to know if/when any of my machines overheat.


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