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Wednesday, November 19th, 2008

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Sound support, amongst other things...
First off, wondering if the Asus Xonar USB soundcard is supported in Linux (specifically, I'm wondering about the 5.1 digital out over the USB in Ubuntu)?

Question arises because while I'm wanting to use a new laptop (thinking of getting -- it's quite a powerful beast) for MythTV, and movies with surround - and I don't necessarily want to use Windows either.

While I could stream to my XBox from Linux as well for this - I see that as using more resources than is really required (and my 360 is loud due to the fact I put extra cooling fans on it). Don't suggest I should - I see it as pointless cause my Box and other box are in the same room :D

At the same time, I'm wondering if I should just buy a compact desktop (if it's going to be too much), since I haven't gone out yet to buy this one laptop... But I think I'll make good with it - we'll see. I like the idea of having something under the TV that you can turn on, and not know it's there :P

I used an HP Slimline before... Ubuntu doesn't fair well with proprietary motherboards or components! So even while that did have all the stuff I wanted in a mini setup (incl. digital out), and quite powerful - it's a WIN only box. Sorry loser that one was. So no HP in my compact desktop search =/
machine out of disk space
EDIT: Fixed.

So as of this morning, my desktop server told me it's out of disk space.

Now, it's not impossible. I have a lot of desktop users (around 50) using a machine with about 70 GB of hard drive, but even so, most are saving nothing and only doing internet viewing (on restricted sites) and using a terminal window. This is not a memory intensive system.

I cleared out some dead users and ran "sudo find . -size +7500 -print" to get a list of big files, but it's not pulling up anything that looks susicious (mostly firefox caches).

a) any thoughts on finding the memory sink if there is one?
b) how can I remove the internet caches for all users? ubuntu's forums say to do this:

sudo rm -rf /home/UserName/.mozilla/firefox/*/Cache

boy does that not work. Not even a little.

EDIT: Patched. Many thanks, people. I'd have been on that all day pulling my hair out. tracker was getting uppity. No idea why, but I'm guessing the indexing went nuts and looped itself. I'll keep an eye on it.

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