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Tuesday, November 18th, 2008

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Fighting the same war with someone else's guns
I'm interested in jumping ship for a Mac laptop... but I don't want to/can't spend £700+ for a new laptop.

Where/how do I go about looking for an older-model Macintosh that's still in good shape? preferably with a big(ish) HDD & lots of RAM?

I live in the UK but am not bothered to get something from anywhere that at least has QWERTY (i.e. no bloody French keyboards-- although Cyrillic would be cool).

P.S. I loathe eBay-- every item I've ordered there over £50 has had something wrong with it... even from reputable sellers

Current Mood: frustrated
Alternative: WW2 Artillery
Unless, of course, anyone can help me find a way to get any distro working properly on a Toshiba Equium L20-198.

Ubuntu used to work the best out-of-the-box, but it was either the graphics card, the power-savings features or both which went wack. After 3 versions and weeks of tweaking, I cannot get the ATI Radeon Xpress bullshit graphics package to actually do anything right. I will not reformat my teeny crammed-full HDD a bazillionth time just to find out the newest version still can't handle it.

Current Mood: drained

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