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Monday, November 17th, 2008

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Weird focus behavior with Firefox
I'm pretty sure this only started happening fairly recently... after realizing that my laptop's video card is better-supported under Ubuntu 8.04 (with the Gnome desktop), I played around with compiz a bit. But somewhere along the way, Firefox (v. 3) developed a strange behavior with regards to focus: it keeps losing it. I even switched back to the no-frills WM for Gnome, and it still has this problem. A basic synopsis of what happens, is:

* Start with a FF window, click on it to focus if it isn't already
* Load a page, when the throbber stops rotating, the window suddenly becomes unfocused
* Click to re-focus, reload the page and it goes away again
* If I have multiple tabs open, switching tabs with the keyboard (ctrl-tab) also loses focus

The focus isn't going anywhere that I can tell. That is, there is no other window that suddenly *has* the focus, it's just that FF *doesn't*.

I noticed while experimenting with compiz, that FF seemed to develop a number of "ghost" windows that would appear when I hit alt-tab to switch between apps/windows. These don't show up in the switcher when running the no-frills WM, but I wonder if they are still there, it's just that the default WM (metacity) set their WM hints better than compiz does, and that one of these "ghosts" is what keeps getting the focus? Either way, as a very keyboard-centric user it's seriously cramping the usability.

Anyone else see anything like this?

Audio frequency analysis
I look for audio frequency analysis program for graphic real-time voice monitoring. It seems SoX could be useful. What could you to recommend?

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