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Wednesday, November 12th, 2008

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int > le bin in bash
Are there simple way to convert hex integer to little-endian 4 byte binary in bash?
Example: 0x61626364 -> dcba
Similar but not sufficient methods are:
xxd - convert big-endian only
printf "\x61" - converts only one byte
Slackware, an encrypted wireless connection, and Firefox
You folks are fabulous. This problem is driving me UP THE WALL, and I have no idea where to start. I suspect that the problem is in firefox and not my platform, but I can't be sure.

So I'm running Slackware on my x86 laptop, but I am a relative newbie. I use a lot of different wireless connections in my day to day life, as I'm a grad student out and about and doing lit reviews everywhere.

Now, in a coffee shop, the college library, the public library, wherever, I have no trouble firing up my wireless card and surfing PubMed/GoogleScholar/whatever via Firefox (don't even suggest I use a text-only browser. NOT FUN. I LOVES ME MY GUI.).

iwconfig wlan0 ap any (or whatever; sometimes I request the essid)
dhcpcd wlan0 -t 10

and there we go. At home, however, my situation is different. My landlord has graciously given permission for us to mooch off of his (encrypted) wireless network.

iwconfig wlan0 key a12bc345de (not the real encryption key)
iwconfig wlan0 essid 'network_name' (also not the essid, obviously)
dhcpcd wlan0 -t 10

So, it works. It works just fine. I'm writing this from home, after all. Problem? Firefox. Cannot use firefox. I pull up Firefox and I just get endless loading, and an eventual 'cannot connect to server.' I'm writing this on Konqueror, and frankly, I hate Konqueror.

What the hell? I've searched the Mozilla support website. No luck. Help?

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