November 8th, 2008


control mplayer with fifo


On my main computer I have successfull used the following two scripts:



find . -type f | mplayer -playlist - -shuffle -loop 0



echo "quit" > /home/me/.mplayer/ctrl.fifo

I cd to a dir and do shuffleup to shuffle through all tunes in the dir and below, recursively,
and do shuffledown to stop playing and quit mplayer.
Now, I'm trying to do the same on my laptop from my bedroom (with the main box mounted vai sshfs, shuffling tunes on there).
I did
mkfifo /home/tony/.mplayer/ctrl.fifo
and used the scripts exactly as they are above, which work on the main box,
yet, when I do shuffldown (echo "quit" > ../ctrl.fifo)
nothing happens. My xterm just hangs. (I have to kill mplayer manually with kill pid #blahblah)
Any ideas what I've done wrong here?


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