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Wednesday, November 5th, 2008

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change menu defaults for all users
Alacarte is great for editing my own menu. It sucks for editing the menus for all my users, because I have to log in as they user and edit it myself.

Is there a way to set menu items for all users? I haven't found it if there is. I looked for where the menu defaults are stores for alacarte, hoping I could put them in etc/skel, but that seemed not to work.
Nautilus and the 'Link to' prefix on symlinks
Do you use GNOME? Does it annoy you that Nautilus always prefixes "Link to" on symbolic links it creates, even if there is no file of that name already in existence in the target directory?

Be annoyed no more.

In that bug there is a patch, which does not apply cleanly to Nautilus 2.22 but does work if you manually edit it in (don't worry, it is only a half-dozen lines in one file).

I built updated packages for Debian sid i386 in a matter of 5 minutes, and it works quite nicely. :)

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