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Sunday, November 2nd, 2008

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switching the eeePC to something other than Xandros?
Hallo. I posted ages ago as an utter newbie who had just acquired an Asus eeePC with a Linux platform, about which I had lots of puppying curiosity and no knowledge.

I'm still an utter newbie, and I have yet to get active in the forums (fora?) you all suggested (although I did bookmark the suggestions) because life in general reared up and ate my head.

Just now, however, I was exploring for audio file applications that might play my .aa audiobooks, and, if I got really lucky, even sync up with my iPod. I found a few, and it looked like Banshee was worth a try, but it doesn't have a Xandros version. I explored a little further, and came across a lot of promotional talk about Wine, which would let me run Windows apps, and how Xandros was specifically designed to make the transition easier for people moving from Windows to Linux.

But I hate Microsoft and don't want to emulate its platform. If I'd wanted that, I could have gotten an eee with Windows installed.

So I'm wondering whether it makes sense for me to consider switching the eee to a different version of Linux. I have no idea how large or how difficult a project that would be. Is it a foolish thing for a newbie to consider? I know there are instructions I can find and follow to do so, but I just don't know whether it's a crazystupid idea.

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