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Monday, October 20th, 2008

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odd shell script issue
When I add new users to our system I have a shell script that sets up their desktop icons and what not. However, one of them, as of late, is not responding.

Basically, i log in as the user and add a text file to their desktop for later use.

touch /home/$USER/Desktop/$USER_file.txt

No big. Should work. Doesn't work. Doesn't even work if I run it on the command line. In fact, if I just log into the command line as that user and run this:

touch Desktop/$USER_file.txt

it does nothing. You'd think it would at least create the file without grabbing the user name and just give me dollar-sign-USER_file.txt. Nothing.

Anyone have a suggestion? I've never had a shell script just stop working on me.

cross posted to ubuntu users.

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