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Tuesday, October 14th, 2008

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linux dvd making
are there any programs out there that can convert MPGs, AVIs, etc... into DVDs that video-dvd players can play? I've tried searching and nothing seems to be coming up that doesn't use mplayer with 6 lines of parameters, but I really feel like something like this has got to exist and I am just incopmentant at searching.

Greets, everyone, I'm a recent covert.

Just to make some conversation, I've tried Fedora Core 4, Ubuntu (gutsy, hardy), Xubuntu, Debian Etch, Fluxbuntu, Linux Mint 5, and I fought a long, hard, losing battle to Gentoo. SourceMage is in my future, and fluxbox ftw.

Eventually I want to learn enough to try LSL, and even more ambitious; run a system without a graphical frontend.

I have an un/healthy interest in computer and computer network history, particularly in BBSes and hacker culture. I plan to learn a bit of hackage (I mean: security!) myself someday, and while I'm heading down this path, also computer science, physics - with particular interest in electromagnetism, perhaps theoretical physics and astrophysics later, and also intend to be a moderately+ successful novelist. :D

If I manage to live long enough to have a real conversation with an AI, or better yet Artificial Sentience (mark my words, we will some day!) I'd probably either:

A.) require new shorts
B.) fall over and die happy
C.) all of the above.

An androgyn that I met on a metro bus (who I later found out is a BSD user) triggered the percolation of an interest in the demoscene, which brings me to my true reason for joining ( :P ):

I'd like to get a false terminal. By that I mean, I'd like to get something that would allow me to "bake" terminal output (for instance, loading libs) and show it off in convincing format. Saying those words "out loud" finally makes me realize how dubious that sounds, but I assure you any harm that comes of that will arrive and stop at myself. :) I want it for an arty little experiment.

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