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Saturday, October 11th, 2008

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Setting up Sendmail as an MX

I would like to setup one of my machines as an MX for my domains. It seems everywhere I look I find how to use someone else's MX record but how do I set up Sendmail to be an MX for my domains.

For example, the domain:

my-domain.com IN MX 5 mail.my-domain.com.
my-domain.com IN MX 10 backup-mail.my-domain.com.

Does anyone have an idea where to start to set up backup-mail so that it will pass the emails to mail when "mail" is available?

The solution seems so simple:
mail.my-domain.com ~# cat local-host-names

backup-mail.my-domain.com ~# cat local-host-names

Thanks to everyone who responded.

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