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Thursday, October 9th, 2008

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business FIOS and residential FIOS TV
I know the subject seems OT; however, I can assure everyone that it is not. I have been planning to migrate over from Comcast's business net access in November to business FIOS, since it just recently arrived. My current network plan involves having Verizon provision the data link out of the RJ45 connector on the ONT, so that I can plug my linux box into it and have it do all the routing and such. From what I have read on these sorts of configurations though, assuming that one goes with the static IP plan (which I currently plan to), it is currently not possible to bridge the Verizon-provided Actiontech router to my Linux box for WAN connectivity, so that the existing set-top boxes don't lose the ability to pull TV guide data and whatnot. The only possible reason I can think of as to why this would be impossible, is because the business and residential networks are completely seperate from each other, with no way to route between them (this assumes that the first hop on the way out to the net on residential FIOS is some internal network where TV guide data is pulled from). Assuming that this is the case still (if it was even the case at all), how hard is it usually to persuade Verizon to install a second ONT, and how much would an undertaking like this cost? I am still googling this subject; however, things appear to not be promising right now. Thanks in advance!

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