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Sunday, September 28th, 2008

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x-server dumping ?
My X server just dumped on me twice.
I was reading news on the internet, responding to messages in gmail...routine stuff, when suddenly the screen went blank and I got a "no signal" messages.
I was able to alt-ctrl-F5 to a console, rm -f /tmp/.X0-lock
and attempt to restart X, but only got as far as the blank screen with an X in the middle.
The first time I got frustrated and did a hard reboot (pushed the button on the tower),
and everything came back up looking normal, but did it again.
The second time, I alt-ctrl-F5 to a console, and did the routine to attempt restart X, same result, but did alt-ctrl-F5 to a console again, and rebooted properly.
I noticed something about (moves by so fast)
Freefont dir something something is 2, should be 1...fixing

Could some mess in my font server have caused this phenomenon?
And should it now be fixed?
(I've been back up for all of 9 seconds as I type this, so, don't know if I should expect another dump or not...).

This is on Linguas OS, essentially a remaster of PCLinuxOS. (using fgrlx driver, radeon 9250 card, dvi input, staples 22 in LCD screen).



While attempting to view /var/log/Xorg.0.log shortly after first making this post, my screen locked up.
I was using Medit.
I did not get a blank screen, but rather, the image froze.
I could move the mouse cursor (which stayed inthe form of a text cursor, like "|"), but the machine appeared to accept no input from the mouse or keyboard.
I did another hard reboot to come back, since I was unable to alt-ctrl-F5 to a console.

You may note that I was here last week with difficulties getting this monitor to function properly, but, installing the fgrlx driver appeared to have resolved the issue, and from the time I made my last post, until today, I have had no difficulties.
Until now...did I say that?
I haven't made an significant changes to the machine over the last week.
I've been able to do my work, watch videos, manipulate graphics with the GIMP, edit text and odt files, blah, blah, etc., etc., until today, without issue.

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