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Monday, September 22nd, 2008

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Where'd my screen go?
The distribution: Kubuntu 8.04
The problem: Reduced to 640×480 screen

A while back, having utterly failed to compile the Linx version of ZDoom, I thought I'd see if the Windoze version worked through Wine. Strike me down with a feather from the world's tiniest bird... it did. So, cue me spending far too long blasting imps and demons to smithereens.

Today I made the catastrophic error of doing an Alt+Tab to look up an internet page while ZDoom was still running, then closed ZDoom with the "X" button in the corner. Next thing I know, I've got the monitor set on 800×600... that was easily changed back to the required 1280×800.

Later on the internet crashed and I had to restart - now I find that the screen's reverted to 640×480 and there is no option to convert it to any other screen size.

(1) Are these two instances related?
(2) Any ideas how I can get the screen resolution back to how it was?

NOTE: it is possible this question has already been asked, but given that I have so little viewing space in the browser window, trying to search through half a million posts is going to try my patience just a bit too much...

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