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Saturday, September 20th, 2008

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staples monitor resolution issue

I purchased a Staples monitor last week.
It would not display at the "native optimal resolution" (being 1680x1050), or any other resolution with the same ratio (16/10).
It would work at 1280x1024, which is the wrong ratio, and everything looked a bit stretched, which I tolerated for a week waiting for a new graphics card...
It was suggested to me that it required DVI input to function properly. (I was using the onboard/mobo video, and only had VGA output).
So, I purchased this nifty graphics card.
Now, I've got it working at the "optimal native resolution" with the DVI output, after numerous refusals and reboots...
And, it looks nice...
But, for some reason, occasionally the whole thing just burps and suddenly I briefly see a "no signal" message, and the screen goes blank.
My only solution has been alt-ctrl-F5 to a console, after which my only solution becomes rebooting, because if I try to startX, I get to the blank screen with an "X" in the middle, and no further.

I haven't even an idea how to go about diagnosing this issue, as in, what logs I might want to rifle for error messages, etc.
If anyone can give me a clue, I would deeply appreciate it.

Current Mood: perplexed, irritated
wireless weirdness
I'm not quite sure where to begin to diagnose this problem.

I have an ancient IBM A21m thinkpad laptop with a lynksis PCMCIA card (Airgo Networks Inc|AGN300 802.11 a/b/g True MIMO Wireless Card) for wireless using an ndiswrapper driver.
The laptop is running Linguas OS, one of the many offspring of PCLinuxOS.
When I first set it up about a month ago, it worked great.
It would go to local cafe shops and connect automagically, AND come home and play nice with my WPA-key locked-up home wireless router.

Now, however, it won't play with my home router.
When I boot the darned thing up here at home, it grabs some neighbors signal.
When I tell it to connect to my router, it DUMPS the connection and all the settings, apparently, everything, and tells me I don't have a network set up,
and to run the network configuration tool in drakconf.
So, I run through the whole setup with drakconf again, and it connects to the neighbors network again.

I've run throught this whole process about a dozen or more times now.

My router's signal is much, much stronger (5 green bars on net_applet, while the neighbor's is one little red one). The machine sees my router, but won't connect, and, as described above, gives up the ghost at the slightest suggestion that we give it a go...
The WPA key hasn't changed, I checked the router, and key is saved on the laptop...
Nothing seems to have changed, except the behavior of the machine.
I don't get it.

Since networking is not one of my strong points, I am simply using drakconf or net_applet to manage the connection.

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Current Mood: perplexed

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