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Friday, September 19th, 2008

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Curse of the USB memory stick
I am plagued by a stupid problem with my USB stick. I got a 1 gb stick from a friend and it was certainly used in a Windows machine first.

I use it on my Ubuntu 7.10 system and copy file to it and read the files from it without a problem. When I get it on to a Windows machine, I can do the same. I read files from it copied from the Linux machine, and I can read the files copied to it from the Windows machine.

But low and behold when I get back unto the Linux machine and look for the files that the Windows machine put on the stick, there is nothing. On the Windows machine, files are still there.

Can anybody tell me what is going on? I googled, but what I got was that Windows and Linux can be put on the usb stick and I can run either operating system from them. Nothing about my problem.
filesystem for mac/linux cross compatibility?
So, after a long fight with a co-workers' Mac ibook, I got the dying hard drive out and got it connected to linux as hfsplus filesystem. I was able to read the disk and get her valuable data off of it. Now my thought is to copy the data to a USB hard drive to allow her to access the data on her new Mac...

But what FS? fat32 won't let me use the whole 500GB drive (which I have advised that she continue to use as backups so we dont do this again...)

can Mac read xfs,jfs, or ext3? (without jumping through hoops)

That leaves NTFS, which just seems so stupid to use a proprietary Microsoft file system when none of the computers involved have anything to do with Microsoft....
defunct processes
I've got a defunct squid server process. It refuses to release the port or die. I've tried killing it over and over...

[root@jackal jackal]# kill -9 8561 8563 8565
[root@jackal jackal]# kill -9 8561 8563 8565
[root@jackal jackal]# kill -9 8561 8563 8565
[root@jackal jackal]# kill -9 8561 8563 8565
[root@jackal jackal]# ps -aef|grep squid
root      8561     1  0 Jun09 ?        00:00:00 [squid] 
squid     8563     1  0 Jun09 ?        00:24:51 (squid) -D
squid     8565  8563  0 Jun09 ?        00:00:03 [unlinkd] 
root     24282 24222  0 13:43 pts/2    00:00:00 grep squid
[root@jackal jackal]# kill -9 8561 8563 8565
[root@jackal jackal]# kill -9 8561 8563 8565
[root@jackal jackal]# kill -9 8561 8563 8565
[root@jackal jackal]# kill -9 8561 8563 8565


My only solution is to reboot???

That's so.... windows....
Form filling out...
For work I have to fill out these forms by pen. It is just two different forms that I fill out a million times a day. Unfortinatley I have the hand writing equal to a doctors. My boss told me today she refuses to read my forms anymore unless they become neater. I have tried to improve my handwriting with no luck in the past. I was thinking of useing my computer to create the forms on my computer so I could just fill them in on my computer then print them out. Simple neat solution I would think. Does anyone know a good gui application for linux to create forms with then once they are created you can just fill in the data needed easily. I run ubuntu gutsy. Thanks

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