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Sunday, September 7th, 2008

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twm keybindings ?
Anybody use TWM?

And, if so, could you assist me with a question about keybindings?

I just want a couple of very simple things to happen:
1) I want Mod1+tab to cycle through windows on the desktop;
2) I want Mod1+c to bring up fbrun (run command dialog from fluxbox)
3) I want Mod1+t to bring up my favorite terminal emulator, sakura.
4) I want a window to be raised and take focus if I click in it.

I've tried (in my .twrmc):

"Tab" = m1 : all : f.circledown
"Tab" = m1 : all : f.circleup
"Tab" = m1 : all : f.lower
"Tab" = m1 : all : f.raiselower

to accomplish tabbing through windows...and none of the above have worked...


"c" = m1 : all : !"fbrun &"

to bring up fbrun, also to no avail...and similar tricks for my terminal.
I've tried variations between using ":all, :root, :window", as well.

I haven't the slightest idea how to get a window to focus/raise when I click on it.
I keep having to grab the title bar, or go to the icon manager and iconify/uniconify to switch from one window to another.
The whole idea in using TWM was to gain efficiency...all this clicking about is not efficient.

I'm afraid none of this seems to be explained very well, but this seems to indicate that something I've tried should be working.
I've looked at some sample twmrc files, and their bindings look like those I'm trying to make.

I've had no trouble configuring the colors, bringing up gkrellm with twm by writing my own starttwm script,
and manipulating other factors, but, this keybinding thing escapes me, and, frankly, is one of the more
key [pun intended] elements for me in a wm.
Of course, all of this is incredibly simple in fluxbox, so maybe I shouldn't bother, but, I like to try new things.
In fluxbox, mapping keybindings is very straightforward.
Mod1+tab to cycle through windows is already a default, as well as Mod1+F# to cycle through workspaces.
All I had to do to bring up fbrun was add
Mod1 c :ExecCommand /usr/bin/fbrun
to my keys file.

Current Mood: frustrated
Linux on an ipaq
I'm thinking of buying a HP ipaq, something like the 2210 since Linux support is supposed to be good for that model, but familiar linux seems to have stopped somewhere in 2006/7.

Does anyone have any ideas about this? My main concerns are:

Is there a version that supports SDIO (wireless SD cards)?
Is WPA supported, or does it only work with WEP?

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