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Saturday, August 30th, 2008

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I have been working on a Linux distribution for quite some time, and I have run out of money to pay the URL fee... gibbix.org ----- yeah. Sad, huh? But, I am a college student, so I guess this kind of crap happens. I have just plum run out of money. The system is called Gibbix. It's a BusyBox system with a smattering of other influences. The idea for the system is that it is a bit back to basics. It's meant for seasoned Linux veterans, and it's meant for only those who really want to learn or those who really want to be taken back to some older times. Anyway, I had posted about this system before, but things changed along the way. Now, I have to search for a low cost domain registrar, and if anyone knows of any good and inexpensive hosts... I would love to hear about them! Thx.
Reiser File System
I'm not going to make jokes in this post, because it really is not a joking matter. Although I'd be lying if I said I haven't laughed at some of the jokes I've heard on this story.

But I will seriously ask. The Namesys website is down and has been for some time now. And obviously Hans Reiser won't be doing any coding for at least 15 years.

So has any other group picked up development and/or support of ReiserFS?
automagical archiving of POP/gmail?
I've just recently set myself up with gmail, and set it up to pick up mail from a couple of my domains, and set up
thunderbird on my home machine to pick up the gmail via pop, but, use the web interface on my laptop to access mail, and, I'm
kind of thinking at this point that it would simplify my existence if I only used the web interface.
Except one thing.
I want to have my mail archived here, in addition to on the google gmail servers.
Call me what you will...a skeptic, paranoid...I don't know, but I've seen free web services and mail accounts, etc. come and go,
or, stop being free, etc., and, for this and related reasons, I just want to make sure I have all mail backed up in my home/office.

So, I'm thinking, probably there's a way I can set up procmail or mutt or something, with cron, or something, to regularly download
the mail and archive it here, while only reading it on the gmail web interface.

Has anyone done this?
I'm sure I'm not crazy to think this can be done, but, in truth, I've never done anything quite like it.
I've only ever used POP or webmail interfaces, and never dealt with retreiving mail via a text-only environment.
Anyone have any tips or know of a good how-to that might be useful?


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