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Saturday, August 23rd, 2008

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I thought I'd share this with you.
I wrote a little tcl-ish utility that grabs a screenshot, allowing you to set a delay
prior to grabbing the shot (perhaps to minimize the window of the app, etc.),
allows you to set the dimensions of the shot, shows a preview, offers the option
to edit in GIMP, then, uploads it to your web server, then, displays the url, and offers you the ability to copy/paste
the url (for quick posting to your LJ!), or open it immediately in your preferred browser
for a check/preview thereof.
It allows you to save profiles with your server information, preferred browser, etc.
You can have multiple profiles, since you choose which to load (useful if you use
more than one webhost, such as I do, etc.)

Handy for grabbing quick screenshots to post here or elsewhere on LJ, or
to your MySpace, or where ever you like.

Oh, it uses ImageMagick's import to grab shots (this is Linux only), and requires
Tcl 8.5, tcl ftp, and Img.
(Instructions for acquiring all of the above are in the readme).
I would have used scp for moving the images, but I only have ftp access to several
of my webhosts, since they are on shared servers.

It is GPL-ed, of course.

More infor here.
Ventrilo or similar?
So, my boyfriend is a gamer. My laptop died, so he's letting me take his laptop to work (I work 16 hour overnight shifts, it's hell without a laptop). He's going to be using my kubuntu 8.04 desktop while I'm at work. He plays World of Warcraft, and his guild regularly runs a raid the night I'm at work. I don't want him letting me borrow his laptop to stop him from running his raid, so I'm trying to get WoW and Ventrilo set up. I feel pretty good about the WoW setup, but wanted to know if there are any tips for Ventrilo. Wine App DB lists it as silver or gold, depending which listing I look at.
I'd also be totally fine with something like Ventrilo, but all his guildmates are on Ventrilo so it'd have to let him connect with them. I have no idea how any of this is set up, cos I don't game.

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