August 17th, 2008

Linux music making tools

so I'm starting a goth/punk/industrial/whatever project, and I'm looking for computer tools to help me out. I have quite a large of programming knowledge, so I can probably use CSound and Supercollider and Chuck, but if you know any other sound programming tools that are free and work on linux, please let me know, basically I'm making this post to try to find as many open source linux-runnable sound/music software as I can, preferabally as much of it as I can that can be used in a live performing atmosphere. Stuff that can take in audio and MIDI signals, and I can write stuff to process it on the fly. Hardware isn't that important as I have a pretty powerful computer and a good (read: not gaming) soundcard lying around somewhere that I'm going to install any day now. Thanks for any help you can provide.