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Friday, August 8th, 2008

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sendmail hell
I'm not sure sendmail can do what I need but I don't even know what exactly to look for.

I've got a newly setup Centos 5 server running my companies legacy websites without much issue but the last item on the list is to setup email fowards for each corresponding site.

so for siteA.com it would forward a number of emails to external accounts. Aliasing would kind of work for most of them, webmaster: externalemail@someOthersite.com but then what about webmaster accounts for siteB & C.

The most I've accomplished so far is given the Apache user authority to dictate it's own sender address and have sendmail recognize all of the hosted sites, but I'm kind of stuck on how to solve the aliasing thing.

If I can't accomplish the above when sendmail, I've got somewhat more experience using qmail but I've never built it straight from tarball and not on a public accessible server... so I'm keeping that option for last.

I've been troving the internet for a sendmail howto for idiots or at least something that can help me understand how sendmail works block & tackle wise.

Just found some information for the virtusertable, think I'm getting closer to figuring this stuff out.

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