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Thursday, August 7th, 2008

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Ubuntu & Precision M6300 - colors not right
I have Ubuntu installed on a new Dell M6300 with glossy screen. My resolution is default,and everything appears crisp and clear. But - the colors are off. What looks maroon on several other new (windows & mac) systems appears almost purple on the dell. This seems to be most noticeable with certain web pages.

Is there a color management program available to change overall RGB values?
Character sets in Wine MSHTML
I am using FeedReader in Wine, mostly because this bug is annoying the living hell out of me when I use Liferea. Anyway, it works great, only a few minor annoyances, on stock Wine 1.1.2. There is one fairly problematic thing though, that happens with a few feeds, in particular a UTF-8-encoded comment feed from a WordPress blog. Stylized quote marks and converted ellipsis show up as a few garbage characters, somewhat hampering easy readability of the feed content.

I fixed this, and here's how—since this theoretically affects any Windows application run under Wine that has to render HTML encoded in UTF-8.

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