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Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008

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evolution question
I've got an evolution question: When you compose an email in evolution you have the option to go to the top and select Format -> Page you can select a different page background color.

But you have to do this for every single message you create if you want to change the background color for the messages you compose.

How do I made this the default for all the emails I compose with Evolution? I know how to do it with Thunderbird... but not Evolution...
Changing 'from' address for mail
Messages sent from mail include the local box name "user@mybox.sub.domain.tld". Several sites are hosted on the box, including "myspecialdomain.net". Is it possible to configure mail to send the from address as "user@myspecialdomain.net"?
Sharing may not necessarily be caring…
Is there a Linux app that will list all shared directories/drives on all computers on my network, regardless of IP?

Is there a way to navigate to said directories, with a file manager or the like, without having to mount them myself? (I'm using xUbuntu.)

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