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Thursday, July 17th, 2008

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Dude, I need help
"You have 127 updates" Of course I click for the updates since I haven't the entire time I've had my computer: 80 days. I update thinking that possibly my music component will work after that. The computer was great: the internet worked, had this nice little chess game, had Open Office, and a cute little photo editor, I could watch movie after movie no problem. Then last night happened. Got the updates, restarted, and guess what happened.

No headphone sound
No internet
No chess game

The place where we find the signal to see if we're getting wireless, you know, where we're getting it & what percent we're getting it is absolutely gone. I dived into the system and it's not there either. It says my bluetooth properties are a-ok and working yet I can't get internet nor do system updates nor send an error report because I have no internet.
The update went wrong on all counts, something like "line 3" or line 4 was missing from every single thing they tried to update.

I got this computer from Wal-mart in late April. It's using Ubuntu 7.10 and is gOS series from Wal-mart. I tried to contact Wal-mart to no avail. I know I've had my computer longer than they'll consider a refund. What do I?

Headphones, internet, and chess game ALL BUSTED. If you know anything about this please help this normally windows user out. I don't know any commands or anything as linux was all packaged nice beforehand. Thanks.

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