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Wednesday, July 16th, 2008

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multhreaded LZMA tool?
I am working with files compressed using the LZMA algorithm. On Debian, there are two tools for doing this, which are slightly different—the p7zip distribution works with it's own archiving format (and optionally several others), and is multithreaded (e.g. capable of utilizing multiple cores), the 'lzma' tool has compatability with existing tools (e.g. tar) and a traditional compressor interface like gzip or bzip2, but is frustratingly single-threaded. Since I have a dual-core computer, compressing .tar.lzma files is noticeably slower than creating .7z files, whereas the compression ratios are similar. I prefer .tar.lzma files as the TAR format preserves file metadata better, and I am familiar with 'tar' command line semantics, and how to get that tool to do things I want, like excluding files. These are not files for distribution, mind you, they are backups of personal filesystems.

Does anyone know if there's a multithreading patch or something like that out there for the 'lzma' utility?

Current Mood: curious

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