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Friday, July 4th, 2008

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This isn't entirely a Linux-related post but I think some Linux tools could help with repair...
So here's the deal. My finace has two HDs on her system.

HDA is windows/linux split
HDB is one media partition (fat32 or ntfs, I can't recall)

Anyway, windows needed a reinstall (a shocker, I know). She never uses her Linux partition so I went to delete both paritions. Through some random act of stupidity, I removed the partitions for both DRIVES instead of both partitions. This means her HDB media drive now has no partition info. The data was never formatted, I just removed the partition accidentally.

Since the drive was never formatted, I have a feeling I can rescue the data somehow or other. As I've never made this kind of mistake, I have no idea what would be involved in restoring the data. I am quite competent in Linux and since most of the tools are free I'd like to use that to fix the partition table if possible.

Can anyone recommend some tools that might work to help restore the partition table and/or retrieve the data?

Current Mood: embarrassed

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