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Saturday, May 24th, 2008

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ubuntu - hardy wireless woes
I upgraded my laptop to Hardy a few weeks ago, and ever since I've not been able to get my wireless internet to connect.

it's an atheros ar5007eg card, and was working absolutely fine in gutsy with ndiswrapper.

iwlist wlan0 scan brings up a list of networks, but when I try and connect to our home network I get the lovely "no working leases in persistent database - sleeping" message from dhclient.

oh yeah, this is 64 bit kubuntu

any suggestions? I don't know if it's a driver issue (because the device is recognised ok and will find networks) or a problem with something else.
Follow-up: trying to avoid the smoke test approach.
As a follow-up to this post and the myriad useful responses I got, I have one question (and lots of thanks).

People gave me links all over the place, and suggested innumerable sources I could use to learn more about Linux in general and what I can do with my eee in particular, which is great because gives me a lot to work with before I have to come 'round knocking on people's doors asking questions instead of finding the answers for myself.

So the question is this: is there anything I should stay away from? A lot of the responses were along the lines of, "You could try such and such, they have a lot of good information." So...are there sites or sources notorious for bad information, or information which, while accurate, is not necessarily helpful?

I'm *not* trying to start flames, here. I wouldn't understand them, anyhow. I just wonder if there are known dubious resources (e.g., "There's Linux in a Nutshell, but it's really out of date."), or--

Maybe this is really the better question: if I start looking at a forum or a wiki or whatever, do you have suggestions for how I should judge whether it's a good place for a credulous newbie to be?

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