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Friday, May 23rd, 2008

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This is more an open source question than a linux question, but it does involve linux. I got a PCTV HD Pro Stick, which does NTSC and ATSC (as well as ClearQAM, but I don't expect to be using that). I'd like an open source app that runs in windows (vista ult) and linux (kubuntu 8.04) to use with this USB stick, to watch and especially record video. Suggestions? Is there a better comm to post to asking for OSS recs?
Simple PHPmyadmin question
PHPmyadmin may be slightly off topic. Yet, my install of PHPmyadmin is running on Linux.

Anyone know how to require PHPmyadmin to use a login screen? Right now, simply going to the PHPmyadmin url auto-logs you in as the administrator.

I edited configed.inc.php, to switch from cookie auth, but that din't fix it.

Thanks for any pointers.
Newbie. Am I in the right place?
Hello. I am an absolute newbie in Linux. I got an eee PC with the Linux platform and would like to learn more.

I don't know if this is a good community for someone as clueless as I am to join. If you're all adept, will Stupid Newbie(tm) questions be irritating and out of place?

If so - and I wouldn't be surprised or hurt if the answer is "Well...yes" - then can anyone suggest what *would be a good LJ community (or, if none exists, non-LJ forum) for someone who is not dumb but not highly technically proficient yet and interested in learning to use Linux well?

Mainly, I think I'd have questions that fell into two categories: 1. "Where can I find something that will teach me about X?" and "I've just been going through X tutorial, and there's this specific thing I'm not getting. Can anyone clarify that for me?"

I am tired of being an end-user only.

Recommendations? Advice? Mockery?
mySQL on console
I'm frustrated. I KNOW that I've encountered this before and configured things so they work. But I can't remember how I did and I didn't make a note of it. X.X

When you're sitting in a console and playing in mysql land and you SELECT a table that displays wider than screen the results are impossible to interpret because the tables are all wrapped over multiple lines. I thought it was something to do with the pager you choose. I set pager to less but that didn't help I RTFM for less but couldn't find anything that would allow it to scroll left and right.

Like I said above, I'm really frustrated as I know I've solved this in the past but the solution escapes me.

Help? o.o


EDIT: thanks to pengshui_master for reminding me of the -S option;
mysql> pager less -S

The man page might need rewriting it says that it 'chops' lines instead of wrapping them. I think that's a little misleading as it scrolls the lines not chops them.

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