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Thursday, May 22nd, 2008

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NIS and automount question
Hey Guys :)


So I have a NIS environment running with autofs.

In one of my auto.foo files I have a share:

blah server:/foo

Now I am migrating the data from server:/foo to serverB:/foo
I will change that in my auto.foo file and push the changes out with a make.

Now for automount, a lot of server will have the old mount already mounted, will it automatically switch to the new mount without me manually umounting things? Or will it just try and remount the new share onto where the old share used to be (giving me an error of mount point in use) when someone uses a file in /foo

(I hope that made sense)

Also: If it will cause an error, is there an easier way to manually unmount all the old shares?
OT: copywrite
This is OT, but you're all smart. If I put up a website, is what I write and post copywrited, or do I have to do something special? I'll give more details in comments if people want them, but this is Ot, so I'll spare your F-list.

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