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Wednesday, May 21st, 2008

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recipe index
Anyone have a program they're using for recipes? I installed anymeal, but it pretty much blows. I can't even get the database up and running, so that does me no good (though I'm upgrading my system ATM, so maybe after). I'd like to start organizing recipes so that when I finally decide to cater or open a restaurant (won't be too long, I'd imagine) I have something for my staff and assistants to work from that isn't stacks of paper flying around a kitchen.
anyone know if the Blackberry Curve is linux-able, and if it is, just what extent is it linux-able to? and what kind of cool stuff can be done with linux on it?
wiki suggestions
So I want ot set up a local wiki (as I mentioned before) for recipes. I've got Twiki set up and running, but I'm not sure I like it. it seems a little hard to navigate and not particularly intuitive.

Does anyone have any suggestions for a simple wiki to run locally that I can customize to hell and back easily?
Trying to tether my Treo 650 to my Ubuntu 7.10 box.

Found a USBModem app for the Treo (http://www.mobile-stream.com/usbmodem.html)

Really stuck on how to setup the ppp stuff.
I tried following the directions, but it just told me the script I was calling (ppp-scripts-treo) did not exist.

Any thoughts? Has anyone else done tethering to their cell phone and can provide guidance?

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