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Saturday, May 10th, 2008

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Hardy Heron Sound Problems
I'm trying out Hardy Heron on my winbox via Wubi. So far so good, except that a surprising number of apps are not giving me sound.

System -> Sound Preferences is set to "Autodetect" for sound playback under Sound Events, Music and Movies, and Audio Conferencing. Default MIxer is set to HDA Intel (Alsa mixer). I checked libao.conf and it's set to alsa.

Apps that work properly include Soundbox, Pidgin, and VLC--they all play sound just fine.

However, when I play an AVI in Movie Player or gxine, they play without sound. When I try to set up Ekiga softphone, I'm given a choice between "Default" and "HDA Intel" as my choice of audio device, and no matter which I choose, when I try to make a call I get an error: "Could not open audio channel for audio reception." Pleace check that your soundcard is not busy, etc.

It would seem like I'm missing something but I don't quite know what. Can someone help?

Edit: I closed out Soundbox entirely and was able to get Ekiga to work. But still no gxine.

When I run it from the command-line, I get the following:

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Current Mood: frustrated

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