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Friday, May 9th, 2008

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Drivers in 64 bit verses 32 bit versions of Linux
Is there a different amount of drivers available in the 64-bit version of Ubuntu compared to the 32-bit one?

I know with WIndows Vista this is the case but I did not know if drivers had to be rewritten in Linux for the 64 bit versions.

I tried the 64 bit version of ubuntu and noticed I had no wifi drivers for my atheros chipset and I was wondering if the 32 bit version would be better?
dark developments

hacking on transprocalc
hacking on transprocalc
I just had to share this shot. my desktop rocks...

I'm running Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy), and have been using Ubuntu for about two years now. I'd like to try and get more speed out of it, if possible, so I'm looking at Fluxbuntu, Puppy and Damn Small.

Flux is still pre-RC, but does anyone have any experience with it? I'm not a total newbie, but I still break stuff on occasion--will Flux eat me alive?

Any recommendations here either way? I'm open to all three [assuming Flux is in tolerable condition bug-wise], so I'd really appreciate any recommendations or suggestions. (Yes, I've already gone through the processes and programs with a machete and gotten rid of anything I don't really need.)

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