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Sunday, May 4th, 2008

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java no worky in FF
I have java installed on my system, in fact, i have Sun's 1.5.0, 1.6.0 and and

There is a symbolic link from the libjavaplugin_oji.so from the to

(also tried with link from 1.6.0 and plugins)

But, no java applets work in firefox (I get the lego piece, missing plugin deal).

This is FF 3.0b4 (updated today...had the same issue with FF 3.0b2)
Same thing in Seamonkey v1.1.6.

This is on PCLinuxOS (in all truth, linguas os, which is
based on PCFluxboxOS).
Everything is updated today, and I was hoping that would resolve the issue.
The issue was present before the updates.

For all practicaly purposes, everything is where it should be, as far as I can tell.
(Yes...I also have "Enable java" clicked in preferences, too...)

I just don't get it...
And the people on the moz forums keep pointing me to the directions to
do everything I already did...which is getting annoying.

Incidentally, Konqueror can find and use the java just fine.
I can use java chats and all kinds of other groOvy java content in Konqueror,
but, I want to be able to do so in FF, and it's not cooperating.

I'm stumped.

Any ideas?
converting a mkv to avi (or m4v) under ubuntu (Cont.)
I'm still having issues converting .mkv to .avi or .mov and playing them back on my xbox 360 via ushare.

When I try to use mencoder and create an .avi it gets very close to being correct. It looks perfect inside vlc. However when I play it on the xbox the aspect ratio is completely muffed. The whole image is crushed in.

When I try to use ffmpeg and just copy/copy the audio and video streams into a .mov container I get a working .mov that the xbox 360 can see but when I play it it's very choppy and messed up. Same thing when i try to watch it inside vlc.

Anyone have a solution to converting .mkv to .mov or .mkv to .avi that ushare can stream to xbox 360?

I found this nice python script that nearly does the job. But it dies on the ffmpeg piece:
Update: More data
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