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Friday, May 2nd, 2008

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File systems choices
I'm at a point where I'm about to format a new hard drive into my desktop workstation. I've been using Reiser for ages with no real reason except that it was the default FS when I last formated a hard drive and its ability to efficiently store lots of small files.

The journalised FS choices I have are ext3, ReiserFS or XFS. Any compelling reasons why I should chose any one of them? Bearing in mind that it's a desktop system dealing with a lot of small files, a few large ones and various uses. I occasionally run it as a web server but not more than a dozen users at anytime.

I understand that Suse are moving away from Reiser, although I don't know why. From what I've read ext3 seems a good middle of the road solution. So I'm leaning toward ext3, any reasons why I shouldn't?

EDIT: I've decided to go with the pack and use ext3, although XFS was a close second on the economy on space, big file and big tree performance issues.

Thanks everyone, smoke 'em if you got 'em.
Truecrypt hidden volumes
Hi all. Has anyone perhaps, via casual observation, figured out what's happened
to hidden volume support in Truecrypt-5.1? I ask, because every time I attempt
creation of one I get:
root@lappie:~# truecrypt -c
Volume type:
1) Normal
2) Hidden
Select [1]: 2
Error: The selected feature is currently not supported on your platform.
So far googling hasn't turned up anything substantive, except an Italian Ubuntu
forum where a user has encountered the same error. So if anyone has found
anything else that I've perhaps missed, could you please send it my way? Thanks!

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