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Tuesday, April 29th, 2008

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"Collapse ratio" for Mono
I've been googling about and unable to find an answer to my question, so I figured i'd try here.

Does anyone know the "collapse ratio" for going from Window's hosts running .NET applications TO Linux hosts running .NET applications inside mono ?

I've heard of several big name companies doing this and I'm assuming they are doing so to take advantage of Linux's TCP/IP stack, but I'd like to know how much better is the performance? And how many Windows hosts can they get rid of by switching to running their applications on Linux under mono.

Anyone know?
ubuntu 8.04 out
So Ubuntu 8.04 is out and ready for install.

Who's running it? Is it working well? Any suggestions? problems? horror stories?
nested X server fullscreen toggle?
Hey folks,

I'm using a nested X server (Xephyr) and it would be nice if there was a way to toggle between windowed and fullscreen (like when you hit F8 and choose fullscreen on xvnc4viewer), but I don't seem to be able to find anything which does that. I would be willing to use Xnest, if that worked, and since gdmflexiserver often uses Xnest as a backend, any approaches which work with that would work here.

I've tried xrandr, but that only seems to resize the windowed version, not flip from fullscreen to windowed.

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